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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Identification:
These organisms are only 1/5 of an inch long, with antennae. Their rust colored wingless bodies are flat, and oval in shape. Bed bugs suck the blood of humans while they sleep or rest with their piercing mouth part. They can suck up to six times their weight in blood in just one feeding.
Infection and irritation can occur at the feeding site on the skin. Due to the secretion of a natural anesthetic while feeding, a bite will not be felt until after the bug is done feeding. At this point there is discoloration and swelling. It is common for humans to confuse the bite of a bed bug with that of a mosquito, so evidence of their infestation are also key in determining that one is dealing with bed bugs.
Bed Bug Infestations:
Bed linens and other upholstery, such as furniture and carpeting can house these tiny parasites. Once they have established themselves in a habitat they will multiply and increase their numbers rapidly. Signs of their presence can include finding dead bugs around places such as your mattress or small white eggs in crevices. They molt and leave behind skins that can be another way to determine if they are making your house their home.