Cockroaches - Humboldt County Pests


Cockroach Identification:
In California alone there are six species of cockroaches. The German cockroach is the most common nuisance, since it prefers indoor locations. These insects are medium to large in size, with long antennae and wings, with a flattened shape. Although they have wings, they prefer to scuttle quickly across surfaces rather than fly.
Cockroaches can cause many problems, and can contaminate the areas they live. They can get into the food supply and things used for food preparation. Many species of cockroach come into contact with human excrement, and can carry bacteria due to this. They are also believed to transmit diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid and dysentery. 
Cockroach Infestations:
These pests can destroy fabrics and paper products. They can also leave foul odors and stains in the buildings they occupy. The kitchen and bathroom of the home are areas they commonly inhabit. Cardboard boxes or bags can bring these insects into your residence or business. Once inside they can make their way between connected buildings through the pipes or plumbing. They reproduce rapidly, and their droppings have the appearance of a dark, pepper-like substance. Droppings are found in drawers, on countertops, corners of rooms, small cracks and along tops of doors.