Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions takes a proactive approach to restaurant pest control. We understand how damaging just one sighting of ants, roaches, mice or flies can be to your restaurant's professional reputation and ultimately your bottom line, which is why Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions trained staff utilizes digital reporting to help restaurants stay within Health Department guidelines. This digital reporting assists your staff by providing relevant and timely information critical to health department regulatory compliance.

Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions highly-trained staff will provide restaurants with the ACCU-BARRIER to maintain a pest free environment using up-to-date procedures and materials in compliance with current federal, state and local regulations.

Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions provides service for every type of restaurant. If you would like more information about our Quality Assured pest solutions for restaurants and other food service facilities, please contact us today!

Protecting your restaurant is our business. Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions will ensure you and your guests will be in a pest free environment all year long. With all the social media posts and reviews posted from cell phones, don’t take chances with your reputation.

Since no two restaurants are the same, our trained staff will assess your location and design a pest prevention plan that will serve the needs of your business. Most business will have monitoring and elimination equipment throughout the interior and exterior of the building. With each service, our staff will inspect equipment, record results, perform preventative services as needed and relay information to person in charge. With our digital inspection software and barcode scanners, we can ensure all your equipment has been inspected, that inspections reports are legible, kept secure and available online for easy access. Our basic pest prevention service covers most crawling insects and rodents.

Other services to compliment your pest prevention plan:
  • Flying insect control
  • Exclusion services
  • Restroom odor services
  • Bird services
  • Drain and floor cleaning